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2017 Color of the Year – Looks Good!

oe color 74


The Pantone Color Institute has announced that Greenery is the new Color of the Year for 2017, and if ever there was a friendly looking color, this is it. Greenery is a bright and fresh yellow-green hue that brings to mind a refreshing escape to the rainforest. It pairs well with natural and earthy colors that are predicted to be big hits this year. Think “island vacation” because all of the top predicted color trends are forecasting happy, light, totally vivacious colors, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! The past colors of the year have all been “tired” at best, minus 2010’s color because we’ll give Turquoise a pass. You can never go wrong with a pretty shade of blue or green, and since Turquoise is both, it will automatically win against almost everything.

green colored pencils and color chart of all colors

The other top colors Pantone has predicted for 2017 are all very tropical. Pantone releases an additional 10 palettes of colors that complement its chosen Color of the Year, and one in particular, Blue Radiance, is sure to catch some eyes. Other fun colors that made the lists this year include Fandango, Calypso Coral, Viridian Green, Dazzling Blue, and Plum Wine. All of these colors, and especially Greenery, are supposed to be refreshing and revitalizing; something that we’re probably all looking forward to at the start of a new year. While we’re not recommending anyone repaint their house with this bright green color, pops of Greenery and other bright colors are expected to be extremely trendy, especially when it comes to wedding colors this summer.

Written by: Jessica Rudelich