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Alternative Venue

Alternative Event Venues

Alternative Event Venues Warehouses, museums, auditoriums, you name it. Possibly one of the best trends of 2014 was the movement into unique venues, and this trend seems to continue into 2015. Moving away from banquet halls and hotel ballrooms allows for your imagination to run wild–or as far as your budget will take you!



Farm-to-Table Did you know that carrots are the most popular vegetable side in the country right now? Of all the masterpieces created inside a catering kitchen, seasonal foods that are freshly pulled out of the garden are still leading the way. In 2015, farm- to-table caterers will continue to have a leg up on the […]

Bite Sized

Bite-Sized Menus

Bite-sized Menus Cakes and entrees are in no way obsolete, but in 2015 passed hors d’oeuvres and small plates continue to be big at catered events. Corporate clients are continuing to try and save money by opting for appetizers instead of full meals. Brides are choosing mini-dessert options to please more palates. For an added […]



Gamification As the use of smart phones, computers and tablet devices continues to grow, so does the use of gaming applications. In 2015, more and more event attendees are looking for ways to interact and compete with each other to win prizes and get noticed in between sessions and activities. The use of technology continues […]


What is Pantone?

  What is Pantone? Pantone is a color matching system used by printers, graphic designers, or anyone who requires consistent color. Pantone uses the Pantone Matching System (PMS), which assigns a number to each of its colors. Examples would the pink used for the Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon is PMS 237 C, and the red […]

Beatriz Ball1

Beatriz Ball for the Holidays

If you’re looking for a great addition to your Thanksgiving celebration, try BEATRIZ BALL. This handmade metalware will never tarnish or ever lose its shine. Even better, you can bake in it, chill in it and serve in it! It’s silver, elegant, and perfect for every occasion. Call us or stop by our showroom to see all […]

Melamine Setting 10 copy

Melamine is IN!

Are you trying to decide what dinnerware to use for your wedding or your next big event? We’ve got what you’re looking for- take a look at our new Melamine Table Settings. You’ve seen it at Pottery Barn, Williams-Sonoma and Crate & Barrel.  Dinnerware that bears the beautiful appearance of hand-painted and glazed European country ceramics, but […]

Make-Your-Own Cocktails Bar


Now Trending for Weddings:  The Make-Your-Own Cocktails Bar


When it comes to wedding receptions, guests have always enjoyed customized food stations. Who doesn’t like loading their pasta dish with all their favorite sauces? Wedding experts claim that the newest trend is now the customization of the most popular area of the reception; the BAR.  A Make-Your-Own Mimosa Bar has been a popular choice in the past, but to take it a step further; couples are now opting for a Make-Your-Own Cocktails bar.  This may seem like a great idea, but without a bartender to monitor liquor consumption will guests overindulge? What about guests that are under 21 years of age?


Our recommendation on this growing trend is to let a bartender pour the actual liquor then allow guests to “doctor up” their drinks with different juices, mixers, fruits and sodas as they see fit.  This option still allows guests to have fun making their own cocktails, while keeping the alcohol consumption under control. As we draw closer to the 2015 Wedding Season, it will be interesting to see how this Make-Your-Own Cocktail trend evolves!