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Don’t leave Grandma sitting at the kiddie table this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Setting Background
With November well under way, the holidays are just around the corner. And if the thought of your extended family coming to visit sends you into a logistical planning panic, have no fear, Outdoor Events is here.
 We make handling the holidays a breeze with our event rentals. No need to rush out and buy more chairs or a bigger table when you can just rent them instead. No more eating in shifts, or scattered around an awkward coffee table, or other makeshift dining space. And there’s absolutely no reason for Grandma to be relegated to the kids’ table this year.  Although we won’t judge you if you rent a separate table for your in-laws.
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We offer multiple table sizing options, from small round tables to large banquet ones. And we also have different chair options, from bar stools to folding chairs. If you find yourself feeling especially festive, you can outfit your table with our table linens, tableware, silver serving trays and stands, and any number of our decorative pieces.
Beatrice Ball
We would love to be a part of your holidays, and we can help make planning and managing the logistics of them easier.
Written by: Jessica Rudelich | Images: Outdoor Events