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Easter Egg Fun! New & Creative Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

easter eggs

As a favorite childhood memory for both children and parents, decorating Easter eggs is a must for the Easter season! But what if we told you that the traditional egg dying methods aren’t the only way to get creative and fun with your children this year? We’ve compiled a list of some of the new and creative ways to get your eggs decorated this Easter. Whether for a family party, company picnic, or other Easter event, we’re sure that you and your children will have a blast getting creative and fun!

Easter Egg Dying with Rice! This low mess and easy clean up (just throw the rice away) is an inexpensive way to have fun with younger children. All you need is rice, food coloring, and hard-boiled eggs. How simple is that?


Tye-Dye Easter Eggs! This little project is sure to be a favorite for everyone. All you need is food coloring, eggs…and paper towels! Yep! Paper towels. And maybe some gloves if you don’t want to get food coloring on your hands. Either way- it’s fun and funky way to color your eggs for Easter!DSC_6097

Melted Crayon Eggs! Don’t want to deal with the mess of food coloring? Or just want to get a little more creative with your designs? Try this unique way to get your eggs decorated for Easter. All you need are freshly boiled eggs and crayons! 5b-640x339

Washi Tape Eggs! Don’t want to deal with eggs or dye but still want to get creative and have some fun? Here’s a great one for older kids (or kids at heart) to try. All you need are colorful plastic eggs and fun washi tape that you can get at your local craft store. Create all kinds of designs and patterns for a fun and fabulous Easter egg hunt!3-washi_tape_easter_eggs

We hope you’ve enjoyed these fun and crafty ways to get creative with your eggs this Easter! And as always let us help you with your Easter and Spring party planning needs.