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Fall in love with Fall Weddings

Outdoor wedding in the fall.


Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year and it’s perfect for outdoor weddings. Colors are still alive and vibrant and the red and golden hues of foliage lend a perfect theme for the big day. Although the weather is beautiful, remember to plan for sudden changes that could impact logistics of your ceremony.

WEather can change suddenly, be prepared.

Fall is prone to quick cold snaps that could leave your guests chilly if they’re not prepared. Renting a tent ensures that guests will be protected from the elements should Mother Nature suddenly have a mood swing.

Blankets for your guests.

Providing wraps or blankets is another cute way to make sure guests stay comfortable. Also consider setting up heat lamps in outdoor areas to ensure guests don’t freeze. Fall is a perfect time for an outdoor event; just remember to have a plan to make sure your day goes smoothly.

Fall wedding bridal party.


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