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Recently engaged and planning a wedding? Here are five great reasons you should attend a bridal show!

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  1. Get information. Weddings take a lot of work and a lot of planning goes into getting every detail right. Going to a bridal show is a great way to learn about wedding planning in general and will help give you a better idea of the process. Bridal shows make it much easier to do your research because information about vendors is consolidated.
  2. Connect with vendors. Bridal shows are a fantastic way to find and meet vendors that are a good fit for your wedding style. You want to find vendors that will help make your wedding dreams a reality, so meeting lots of vendors is a great way to find the ones you really click with.
  3. Get expert advice. Outside of a bridal show, it’s hard to imagine that many wedding professionals all in one place. Use them to get expert opinions and advice on any wedding questions you may have.
  4. Discover new ideas. Want a Pinterest-worthy wedding? Odds are, your wedding vendors will know what’s trending, what’s the next big thing, and what should be left behind in 2016. Wedding styles and trends are constantly changing, so attending a bridal show will help keep you up-to-date on what’s in.
  5. Get free stuff and try samples. Vendors usually have goodies and sweet treats for you to try. If you haven’t already found a caterer, a bridal show makes it easy to narrow down your search. Most bridal shows also offer a chance to win prizes, so be sure to register to win.

Stop by and see us at The Ultimate Bridal Expo on Sunday, January 22, 2017!

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Written by: Jessica Rudelich | Images: Outdoor Events and The Ledger-Enquirer