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Valentine’s Day For Everyone


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It used to be that the famous day for love meant candlelight, wine, romantic music and an evening whisked away by your one true love.  It still can be! More and more people are embracing the holiday as a way to show the people they are close to how much they care for and appreciate them. Co-workers bring in chocolates, friends give “galentines” gifts and families shower their loved ones with special treats or cards.

Here are a few ways you can make this next Valentine’s Day both romantic and memorable for the people you care about!


Bake a special treat. Valentine’s Day doesn’t HAVE to be all about the chocolate anymore! Although it’s definitely nice to receive, sometimes just a simple gift of homemade cookies decorated and wrapped in valentine themed packing can do the trick. Add a simple and creative note such as “You’re the sprinkle to my frosting” to really get the point across of just how meaningful your friendship is.


Have an Office Party! Who doesn’t love a chance to take a break from the hustle and grind to hear about how appreciated you are? Have co-workers bake special valentine-themed dishes to share. Make up a fun game such as a white elephant gift exchange- only the kicker is that each gift has to be Valentine’s Day themed. Or create secret office sweethearts! Draw names and purchase items within a pre-determined budget for your secret pal. There are so many creative, fun, and funny ways you can throw an office party for Valentine’s Day.


Make it a family event. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be just for mom and dad. Make dinnertime special for the kids too by creating a themed meal just for them. Set the table with heart covered table clothes, paper plates and red or pink plastic ware. Use cookie cutters to make heart-shaped quesadilla’s and top it off with a heart shaped chocolate cake. Set it all up for them to enjoy with the babysitter while you are out enjoying your candlelight and wine.

If you are planning a Valentine’s Day themed event, office party, or private function- let the knowledgeable staff at Outdoor Events assist you with your every need.

Happy Valentine’s Day!